Collaboration with Jon Wofford (Jon- character, me- background) I am an Assistant Professor  at South Dakota State University in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. My research focuses on the role of electronic health competency and how new media shape our communication patterns in an ever-changing digital age. Currently, my research examines how people communicate about sensitive health issues through mobile-mediated devices. I am in the process of designing and validating a measure for more accurately understanding what cognitive and behavioral mechanisms explain how we tend to use the Internet for health purposes. Likewise, a vested research interest of mine explores the (dis)connections we have with how we interact with devices that increasingly urge us to be constantly online. I employ the use of quantitative, qualitative, and rhetorical methods in my research. All are critical in exploring eHealth and social media topics. Each semester, I enjoy leading a teaching workshop  on developing online teaching portfolios for graduate students and faculty members. I am also constantly interested in improving teaching through attending and helping to facilitate pedagogy seminars and continued professional development.  At the undergraduate level, I enjoy teaching courses in media and video production, from the basics of camera and tripod operation to professional editing in Final Cut Pro. Also at the undergraduate level, I strongly believe in encouraging the use of theory in practice, and I regularly teach courses in persuasion, health communication, and qualitative/quantitative research methods. At the graduate level, I enjoy facilitating a learning environment where students work to develop sophisticated knowledge and portfolio pieces– whether in production or in research– to help their career, either on the professional track or as researchers or teachers. Some other notes about me: I am a graphic artist in the areas of web site design and development, and I am a self-taught artist. I take great pride in creating clean and well-thought designs for web and print that are meticulously developed. I strive to create designs that, at their core, communicate the information they’re meant to convey. I value organizationsimplicity and elegance. These concepts aid in my teaching and research programs by providing real-world examples of good -and bad- examples of visual communication design. Thanks for the visit! Best wishes.

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