I enjoy creating artwork using mixed media. Many of my pieces begin with sketch on paper that I then snap a shot with my iPad- or phone- and paint over using Adobe Photoshop or Procreate. My preferred tools of the trade when I use Procreate is either the Sensu brush or Wacom stylus.

If I print my art on canvas, I typically employ a giclée technique, which allows me to add texture and details that cannot be captured digitally. This comes from my love of acrylic and watercolor painting when I grew up.

The places where I offer more current examples of my sketches and art are on Instagram (and very rarely, I might use Tumblr). Click on each piece, scroll a bit down and you’ll have the option to save the images at their full web size. My philosophy on art is that if I produce something, I’m happy to share it. If you see something and are interested in a sketch, the full file, etc., I save raw files of everything. I enjoy drawing and painting for fun. I used to take commissions years ago, but for me to take a commission now, that would have to be a very special subject matter.

My Instagram is where I upload my most recent work. I do use Tumblr as well, though sparingly.