I currently supervise graduate students. I seek outstanding graduate students interested in Communication, Health Communication, Information Science, Computer Science, and the Social Sciences. Students with an interest in computational methods and interdisciplinary areas who want to pursue research will work well with me, my projects and the labs I am in. If you are interested in joining me, it is helpful for me to know about your research experience, how you might be compatible with me, and your future research plan.

For potential students, please email me with the following items:

  • Your CV or resume, which should include your academic background, school, work experience and your publications or research in progress
  • Your transcript
  • If you have cited or read my work, please let me know which manuscripts and describe how that informed your work.
  • Send a copy of your sample research.
  • When you apply to UA as a prospective graduate applicant, mention my name specifically in your statement of purpose so that I know you are interested in working with me.

Articles for Students

Current Students

  • Suyu Chou (Advisor)
  • Ananya Raka Chakraborty (Advisor)
  • Andrew Morris (Co-Advisor with Dr. Jameson L. Hayes)
  • Gulmira Amangalieva (Advisor)
  • Courtny L. Franco (Committee Member)
  • Khadiza Tul Jannat (Committee Member)
  • Grant Merrill (Committee Member)
  • Samantha Kocan (Committee Member)
  • Amy Ritchart (Committee Member)
  • Luna Yang (Committee Member)

Past Students

  • Sarah Price (Committee Member, now Assistant Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University)
  • Johnathan Anderson (Advisor; now Ph.D. student at The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington)
  • PS Berge (Committee Member, now Ph.D. student at the University of Central Florida)
  • Serafina Grottanelli (Committee Member)
  • Colin Tobin (Committee Member, South Dakota State University)
  • Kay Ribbel (Committee Member, South Dakota State University)
  • Chris Luther (Committee Member, South Dakota State University)
  • Pratik Katwal (Committee Member, South Dakota State University)
  • Scott Owen Chappuis (Advisor, The University of Akron)
  • Brandon Winter (Advisor, The University of Akron)
  • Tina Murray (Committee Member, The University of Akron)
  • Brandon Sweitzer (Committee Member, The University of Akron, PhD student at Kent State University)
  • Brian Hutchison (Committee Member, The University of Akron)