I am an Assistant Professor at South Dakota State University in the area of Health Communication and New Media. There, I serve as a researcher and instructor in health communication and campaigns. For the 2015-2016 academic year, I received the SDSU Scholarly Excellence Fund to support the development of a campus-wide intervention, which will develop programmatic ways to increase organ donor registrants across a rural university.

I currently work with the Health and Wellness Center and the Brookings Avera Clinic (largest clinic in the town) on a multiyear project on decreasing cervical cancer through promoting preventative measures through programs offered in the community and state at large. These efforts reflect my research, which is interdisciplinary and serves to apply theoretically driven approaches to the use of interpersonal and mass media strategies in health communication research. Such efforts also involve help from our graduate and undergraduate students across the university, in areas ranging from the College of Nursing, Statistics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Communication.



In my teaching, I currently lead the basic course sequence on Digital Media, providing students with a rigorous set skills using the Adobe CS suite, developing a professional identity and developing that identity through design projects that are driven by strategic communication approaches, the use of cutting-edge design trends in the field of journalism and mass communication, and end with students having a portfolio that they carry through their time at SDSTATE. This makes them competitive and attractive to employers. They develop skills that apply to jobs in public relations, marketing, campaign and interventions, advertising, graphic design, web design, and journalism.

At the senior and graduate level, I teach the courses on campaign development and design. Students use theory and rigorous methodological approaches in their work (qualitative and quantitative, with an emphasis on the use of mixed-methods). They create and participate in campaign development and have portfolio pieces that make them attractive to employers or in furthering graduate school education.

As an aside, I am a self-taught graphic and web designer, and an artist. Interested in more? Check out my tumblr account, which I update frequently.