I am an Associate Professor in Health Communication in the College of Communication & Information Sciences at The University of Alabama (Ph.D., Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University, 2012) and a Faculty Fellow at the Alabama Life Research Institute.

My research is situated in health communication, computational social science, mediated communication and technology, and environmental health risks and crises. Current areas of interest focus on examining social networks and organizations, knowledge sharing and the production of social change. I tend to be interested in the use of large web data sets in my work, network analysis, NLP, and AI/ML.

I collaborate with the Institute for Communication and Information Research. I am an Affiliate Faculty with the Public Opinion Lab, Affiliate Faculty with the Center for Youth Development and Intervention, the Alabama Water Institute, AI/ML Group, and member of the Alabama Reddit Research Group. I am active within the Health Communication Division and the Japan-U.S. Communication Association at the National Communication Association, and the International Communication Association.

My partner is an outstanding scholar; Dr. Brian C. Britt, Associate Professor and Associate Director of Data Analytics in the Public Opinion Lab in the College of Communication & Information Sciences, and we have two rescue cats, Caramel and Cashew.

Please visit the web site of my doctoral student Suyu Chou!

Where to Find Me