I am an Associate Professor in the College of Communication & Information Sciences at The University of Alabama in health communication. I focus on the use of large sets of web data to examine health discourse and dynamics of structure and temporal features in online spaces. My current projects seek to address health disparities; extending theories of online communities of practice at both an interpersonal and organizational level; examining social media influencers and their role in brand trust and associations with health. At a broader level, I am actively working to extend how examine understand health communication in an online context through the use of computational methods and might devise optimal approaches that consider the role of agency, ethics, the interpersonal nature of discourse, semantic and structural changes over time. This likewise extends to active work I am pursuing on theorizing about computational science (independent of behavioral data alone) in health.

Additionally, my research examines the role of cultural phenomena and its connection to public health discourse, such as online subcultures including video game conversations and social dynamics.

I collaborate with the Institute for Communication and Information Research and the Public Opinion Lab at the University of Alabama, and I am part of the Alabama Reddit Research Group.

Much of my work is collaborative in nature, with fellow faculty and students across departments, colleges, and other universities. I enjoy collaborating with community and state partners, such as state health departments, non-profit organizations, clinics, and other organizations.