Here are several media appearances based on research, student and community outreach projects, and funded projects.

The Local Voice, April 5, 2022. University of Mississippi communicators listen and learn from industry experts at IMC Connect. View article here.

Ole Miss News, March 27, 2022. IMC Connect! To bring industry experts to campus: Event offers opportunities to network and learn from leading professionals. View article here

Mississippi News, March 27, 2022. IMC Connect! To bring industry experts on campus. View article here.

Digiday, May 4, 2021. ‘Facebook is not a researchers-friendly space’ say academics encountering roadblocks to analyzing its 2020 election ad data.’ Interviewed by Kate Kaye at Digiday. View article here.

Congatious Magazine, June 23, 2020. Feature with Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, Dr. Jameson L. Hayes, Dr. Brian C. Britt, Haseon Park, June 23, 2020, in Contagious Magazine, on lead research article “Too big to sell? A computational analysis of network and content characteristics among mega and micro beauty and fashion social media influencers” by James Swift, published in Contagious Magazine’s Strategist Digest. View article here.

University of Alabama, April 20, 2019. Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, Amy Fincher, JCM 492/MC490 students and sports media/advertising and public relations classes; for Ms. Fincher’s role on leadership and game development, the role of communication; story on the College of Communication & Information Sciences web site, University of Alabama. View article here.

University of Alabama, January 24, 2019. Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, Dr. George Daniels, JCM320 (News Design and Visualization) students and partnership with Oakdale Elementary on academic collaboration with the local Tuscaloosa community. View article here.

CBS-42, November 29, 2018. Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, on the role of video games and addiction; part of an interview titled “Video games, good or bad”- ‘Video games addiction is now included as an official disorder. Good Games UAB is combating the negative stigma gaming receives.’ View video here.

Newswire, November 27, 2017. Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, on grant-funded research and broader impacts of collaborations with Native American communities, receiving the exemplary award at her institution for her research and teaching contributions to the community and discipline as an Assistant Professor, and her directions in future research. View article here.

Brookings Register, May 25, 2017. Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, students in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and collaborators at Project SEARCH interviewed for their work. View article here.

South Dakota State University (front page of web site feature), May 10, 2017. Dr. Rebecca K. Britt, collaborators at Project SEARCH, and students interviewed for work with mobile media design. View article here.

KELOLand feature, April 12, 2017, 10:00pm, Dr. Rebecca K. Britt interviewed on the development of the first statewide Mobile Media Application and Development class in the state of South Dakota. View segment here.

KELOLand feature, October 21, 2016, 5:00pm, Dr. Rebecca K. Britt interviewed on her co-development of the Social Media Minor launched in the state of South Dakota and its priorities for rural education. View segment here.